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Things to do

Story Trail

Visit our indoor trail and let your imagination soar. Explore a secret cave, make a spoon puppet, have a tea party, find the giant's legs, slide down a magic tower, dance on noisy polka dots and dress up in a weird and wonderful costume.

Story Garden

Have an outdoor adventure and slide down a monster's tongue, climb on a space craft, sail away in a pirate ship, enjoy a story in the story glade and play with giant musical instruments.

Story Studio

Until 31 August 2014

Secret Agents

The devious Dr Iscove has used the good Professor Irene Bop’s brilliant mind to create a treasure teleporting machine. He has stolen treasure from around the world, from the Louvre to the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London. His next mega-theft is to steal the pocket money of everybody on the planet.

You have been carefully selected to attend our elite Secret Agent Spy Academy to give you the special skills to stop this villain in his tracks. Master surveillance techniques, unlock codes, dodge laser beams, learn how to make yourself invisible and all the special skills needed to complete your mission.

Be warned – time is running out!