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Feast of Stories

Discover sent a sound artist and one of Discover's Story Builders into 14 schools to work with 840 children in Lambeth, Greenwich, Redbridge, Haringey and Hackney on a story collection project.  The children were encouraged to share stories, rhymes and songs, some of which are now available to listen to here. 

This project is part of A New Direction’s The Biggest Learning Opportunity on Earth.

Sword of Light

Read by Shakil, --

The Axe & The Fairy

Read by Anon, --

The Cheetah & The Zebra

Read by Semilore, --

The Crocodile & The Monkey

Read by Ibrahim, --

The Fruit Salad

Read by Leilana, --

The Girl Called Namay

Read by Anon, --

The Hare & The Tortoise

Read by Callum, --

The Honest Boy & The Thieves

Read by Fareeda, --

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