The Board and Patrons

Stephen Crampton-Hayward

Director of Finance, Find a Future

Andrew Murray

Partner, Winckworth Sherwood

Martin Clarke

Executive Director for Resources, Greater London Authority

Katy Beale

Creative Director, Caper

Paul Black

PR Director, Andersen Press

Michelle Wright


Gemma Allen

Head of Chief Executive’s Office, London Borough of Newham

Carly Pearce

Commissioner (Community, Leisure and Legacy), London Borough of Newham

Patrons of Discover

Nicholas Allan
Meera Syal
Benjamin Zephaniah
David Robinson OBE
Richard Reynolds
Stephen Jacobs OBE

Our Staff

Discover Staff

Chief Executive

Karla Barnacle-Best

Deputy Chief Executive

Paul Callaghan

Exhibitions Co-ordinator

Eleanor Butler

Exhibitions Project Assistant

Hattie Tsoi

Finance Director

Mary King

Finance Officer

Stella Banga

Head of Development

Kathy Everett

Head of Marketing

Jessica Ziebland

Head of Creative Events

Natalie Chivers

Head of Learning

Ben O’Donnell

Community and Education Officer

Fiona Johnstone

Marketing Officer

Marykate McGrath

Bookings and Membership Assistant

Andreea Tudosa

Bookings and Membership Assistant

Nora Toleman

Operations Manager

Richard Smith-Gore

Duty Manager

Jane Riddell

Visitor Services Supervisor (Retail)

Carly Harris

Visitor Services Supervisor

Laura Davis

Visitor Services Supervisor

Jayne Edwards

Visitor Services Supervisor

Cheyenne Weir-Gayle

Cafe Supervisor

Bradley Nicolle

Facilities Officer

Edward Copeland

Story World Team

Story Builders:

Paul Andrew
Chantelle Burley
John Currivan
Camille Dawson
Maria Ferguson
Santiago Godoy-Giraldo
Natalie Green
Valentine Hanson
Marian Hoddy
Vickie Holden
Laura Hunt
Racheal Joseph
Cecilia Knapp
Alice Mackenzie
Diana Redgrave
Genevieve Robinson
Megan Rose
Arkem Walton
Katie Wilkinson

Visitor Services Assistants:

Kelly Butcher
Alycia Campbell
Suzy Correia
Beatrice Cranke
Emily Doyle
Dana Giurescu
Isa Morais
Beatriz Pereira
Christopher Whitmee
Daisy Winstanley