Discover’s Children’s Forum is made up of children aged 5-11 from the local Stratford area and wider schools we engage with. The Forum meets once a month and gives children a say in how Discover is run and what we do. Members of the forum have supported Discover in many ways, including:

Designing activities and workshops.
Delivering projects.
Reviewing our shows and exhibitions.
Writing for the website and social media.
Helping run the centre on specific days.
Advising Discover on plans for development.
Contributing to design and creation of space and learning.


Children’s Forum sessions are interactive and give children real power to influence the work that we do. We strive to make sessions fun and rewarding for members, as representatives of our audience and partners, across all the projects that Discover runs.

If your child is interested in being part of the Children’s Forum,
please contact Fiona Johnstone,Community and Education Officer,
on 020 8536 5555, or email