Children's Forum

Children's Forum

Discover Children's Forum

Members of the forum have supported Discover in many ways, including:

  • Designing activities and workshops.
  • Delivering projects.
  • Reviewing our shows and exhibitions.
  • Writing for the website and social media.
  • Helping run the centre on specific days.
  • Advising Discover on plans for development.
  • Contributing to design and creation of space and learning.

If your child is interested in being part of the Children’s Forum,
please contact Charlotte Metairie,Community and Education Officer,
on 020 8536 5555, or email

Discover’s Children’s Forum is made up of children aged 5-11 from the local Stratford area. The Forum meets once a month and gives children a say in how Discover is run and what we do.

Children’s Forum sessions are interactive and give children real power to influence the work that we do. We strive to make sessions fun and rewarding for members, as representatives of our audience and partners, across all the projects that Discover runs.

In October, Children’s Forum designed a Story Automata with artist Fire the Inventor and led activities for
our free Fun Palaces day.

In December, Children’s Forum decorated the Discover cinema for screenings of Stick Man and made some biscuits in the Discover cafe.

In February, Children’s Forum wrote, directed and starred in their very own film to promote World Book Day.

In March, Children’s Forum designed an  Egg Hunt for visitors to enjoy over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

In April, Children’s Forum met with Discover’s CEO, Head of Development, Head of Marketing and Head of Learning to discuss important issues at the Children’s Forum board meeting.

In May, The Pirate’s Code of Conduct, written by Children’s Forum members, was unveiled as part of a new area on the Story World.



Children’s Forum are currently working on…

An official Discover Children’s Review of Books.

What makes a good book? How do we find out about them?
 This involves:
– Designing a review postcard
-Designing a display
-Thinking about how we’ll put in in the bookshop

The Book Review Project 50%